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HOME DINING with an eye on design, the Tequila Kola Way

Tables in a variety of sizes and finishes, with funky & chic chairs to match!

Discover our wide range of Dining Tables & Chairs including Collections from KARE Design Germany. Shop online or visit our huge showroom in Horizon Plaza.

Authentico Dining Table

Authentico Dining Table
Natural charm meets modern cool. A charming sheesham wood table - This table made of solid sheesham wood is ideal for an evening with friends accompanied by good wine and a great meal. With the Authentico dining table you will impress your guests with more than your culinary skills. 


South Beach Dining Table

South Beach Dining Table
A contemporary take on a Dining Table with its trendy Marble optic Top made durable with a laminated Tempered Glass.  Gold accent legs create the perfect look.  With 160cm length, just the perfect size for a family unit in Hong Kong. Also good as a work desk or a meeting table.


Kalif Dining Table

Kalif Dining Table
A dining table full of character, which artfully combines vintage details with modern elements. The seemingly floating table top made of safety glass (ESG) reveals an antique door richly decorated with inlays. Each piece is unique!


Downtown Dining Table
Downtown's dynamically shaped steel and oak base is not only particularly attractive, but also guarantees more legroom. The solid top made of oiled oak skilfully adapts with bevelled edges. A designer dining table and certainly also good to use as a desk and meeting table.


Brooklyn Nature Dining Table
Modern elegance. Clean-lined shapes, elegantly rounded corners and slightly faceted edges give this Brooklyn dining table a modern and contemporary style. Refined, loving details, natural materials and an elaborate workmanship distinguish this wooden table.  Available as a collection.


Puro Dining Table

Puro Dining Table
Charming furniture of the Puro series, which impresses with loving details and artistically hand-carved ornaments. The bright, natural color adds a fresh and modern touch.  Available in plain top and carved top and as a collection.


Illusion Dining Table

Illusion Dining Table

The table is the communication centre of an apartment! It should therefore be strikingly beautiful and irresistibly inviting. Like this one here - with its extraordinary inlays. Particularly impressive is the alternation of brass and wood tiles as well as the 3D effect created by the graphic pattern. Also available as a sideboard.

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