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Tequila Kola - Home & Living Awards 2021

Home & Living Awards 2021 Best Bedroom Furniture... read more

"If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that our home is more important than ever. With the events of the past year forcing us to stay indoors for an extended amount of time, there has been a fast-growing interest in rethinking, redecorating and rezoning our spaces.

Recognising this, Hong Kong Living is proud to present the first-ever Home & Living Awards. The new initiative aims to highlight the most creative and groundbreaking designs in Hong Kong."

Thank you for recognizing Tequila Kola as HK's Best Bedroom Furniture brand, as organized by Hong Kong Living's first-ever Home & Living Awards. Our passion and desire to help you create a unique, joyful home remains as strong as ever. - Tequila Kola Team

Home & Living Best Bedroom Furniture Tequila Kola

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