Simmons LAKE 23

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Simmons LAKE 23
23cm / 9 inch Thick
available in Single, Double, Queen & King sizes
Simmons Super Pocketed Coil Patented by Simmons in 1925, Super Pocketed Coil conforms naturally to your body, giving you optimal support & minimal motion transfer, contributing to an uninterrupted sleep HyCare Treated helps prevent bacteria, fungi, mold, dust mites & their allergens High Ventilation Foam Specifically designed to heighten breathability and regulate the optimal sleeping temperature Firm Comfort Foam A Unique foam layer made to respond to your body weight for dedicated comfort & support Energy Foam A special layer designed to help absorb motion from the sleep surface NO-FLIP Design Patented Single-Sided design enhances motion separation and eliminates the need to turn or flip the mattress as upkeep If you need more info, click 'add to wish list' and 'send' it to us. You can also WhatsApp/WeChat us on 69338835. We will reply as soon as we can.
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