TV Stand / End of Bed CHALET 1Dr 5Drwrs

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TV Stand / End of Bed CHALET 1Dr 5Drwrs

In Rajasthan craftsmanship is still widely cultivated, specialising in the manufacture of magnificent furniture. In the past it was created for the residences and palaces of royal families. With the Chalet range we bring such splendours with their extraordinary furniture fronts and inlay work to your home. Each element has been lovingly created by hand. The corpus is covered with beaten metal, while elaborate inlay work decorates the drawers. A really unique, remarkable masterpiece.

  • TV board, completely handmade with traditional craftsmanship in India
  • Mix and match fronts with inlays, hammered metal foil and a cable duct on the back of the open compartment
  • An eye-catcher in black, white and various metallic tones for the living room, hallway or bedroom
  • In addition to an artistic appearance, the low-board offers plenty of storage space in five drawers and a large compartment behind the door
  • An exceptional sideboard that can be elegantly combined as designer furniture with any style of interior, from classic to modern
  • 140x40x50cmH

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