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Picture Glass WAVES Set of 3

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so you don t believe in miracles? This three-part set proves the indescribable diversity and power of the sea. The picture shows a breaking wave and the view is at once dynamic, hypnotic and calming. It harmonises perfectly with modern furniture. The print is immortalised on safety glass.

  •  XL photograph: a glass picture with wave motif in three equal sections.
  • A monumental work of photographic art with the exhilarating beauty of the sea and in beautiful blue shades.
  • As a wall decoration, a great backdrop for the dining area to accompany an extended table or over the large family sofa.
  • Also as the centre of a spacious entrance area for doctors' surgeries, offices or law firms.
  • Lots more glass pictures with photographs in a wide range of sizes and motifs available from the shop.
  • 240x160cmH